Dr Demitrium’s Deadly Devices


Dr Demitrium’s Deadly Devices is a grid-based puzzle crawler for mobile set in a spacey, sci-fi universe. You take on the role as the brave Space Captain Jim, who must get back his girlfriend, Gertrud, and his beloved dog, Bingo, who both have been kidnapped by the evil Dr Demitrium. However, first you must survive a dungeon sprawling with deadly devices and traps, you can only get your loved ones back if you outsmart Demitrium, and figure out a route through each level in his lair! A must-play for people who miss epic space drama in their mobile games.

The game plays like a hybrid between chess and sudoku, meaning that you will need foresight and strategic overview to succeed. The game also employs a time-based mechanic, where time only moves where you do. This means that you can enjoy solving puzzles in your own pace, totally stress-free from timers and hazards. Deadly Devices is a perfect, challenging retreat to a galaxy far, far away during the small breaks of life, whether you are waiting for the bus or on the lavatory.


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