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Deadly Devices


Mutant Monkey Games

Founding date

May 1st 2018


Mutant Monkey Games is a recently founded danish-based gaming company, consisting of Lars Tornbjerg and Bo Michelsen. Between the two of them, they handle every conceivable part of game development.

More than everything else they want to create game experiences which will make you think, laugh and cry. Lars and Bo want to show the gaming world that small indie-dev teams, like theirs, can be fruitful and have success.

Realizing that a sustainable game business with their own titles might be some way down the line, they do undertake work-for-hire projects and contract work until then.



Early history

Ever since the first time Lars and Bo booted up the Nintendo NES back in the day, they have always been fascinated about what video games can do and the wonderful experiences they can convey. That feeling of magic and wonder never left them, and they have both worked with games in various aspects throughout our adult lives before founding Mutant Monkey Games.

The two gamedevelopers also share an unhealthy amount of love -their own words – for sci-fi and pixel art which you could blame upon the 8-bit era that they grew up in. It is their mutual love of games that has brought them together, and they want to share this love with the rest of the world through their creations.

The first game, Dr Demitrium’s Deadly Devices

Bo and Lars decided to make a game, which would channel their love for old 8-bit sci-fi games. But they also wanted to give it a modern twist. Recognizing the need for games which fit into the busy everyday life most of us have. Juggling work, children, school, friends and so much more can make it difficult to make time classic game experiences. Therefore they settled on something which you can play and enjoy while you are on the go, when your child is napping or in bed before you go to sleep: A mobile puzzler, but with the sci-fi pixel art charm of the games they grew up with. This game idea would soon become Dr. Demitrium’s Deadly Devices and Mutant Monkey Games was created to turn that idea into reality.


Deadly Devices

Download Deadly Devices presskit images

  • Description: Deadly Devices is a tile-based puzzle game where you move though trap-filled levels of increasing difficulty, in a world where time only moves when you do. You will need to carefully plan your route, think many steps ahead and battle bosses as you travel through the dangerous space dungeon of Dr Demitrium in search of our kidnapped dog and girlfriend.  Besides being a challenging brain teaser, Deadly Devices also offer a comedic narrative, filed to the brink with bad puns and pop-cultural references. A must play if you want to play a mobile, epic space adventure which will bring laughter (and tears) into your life.  
  •   Key Features:
    • Grid-based puzzle game
    • Sci-fi- / Space opera- /comedy vibes
    • Branching path story
    • Free to play
    •  One finger control
    • Brainteasing gameplay
    • Fun and tragic space adventure story
    • Evil genius, robots, clones and unicorn-dogs!
  • Acheivements:  placed #1 as the hottest puzzle game the danish Google Play store. Currently a 5 star review rating… we are so proud!  
  •  Release Date: 12th August, the game is now available in Google Play store.
  • Platforms: Android (with iOS planned)
  • Price: Free, with ads and in-app purchase 

Trailer for Deadly Devices: 



Selected Articles

  • “A new classic!”, so wrote the people at GameScope 2018 in an interview


Additional Art
http://michelsenarts.dk  Bo’s other company which creates graphic design and illustrations

Educational games
ahoot.dk Lars’s other company who specializes in educational games

Team details

Bo Michelsen
Game Designer, Lead Artist

Lars Tornbjerg
Game Designer, programmer

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